What does it mean to volunteer?

Many people will have many different answers.  But most people would say they love to give back to the community, or the feeling they get when they help others, or just serving.  Some may say they learn new skills and others like The Salvation Army because its a religious organization.

So what are you waiting for? Volunteer with us and let’s see what you’ll have to say!

Volunteers help The Salvation Army in its mission to help others without discrimination.  Many of our opportunities involve either collection or distribution of food, clothing or monetary donations that go back directly into our programs to help those in most need.

What does a volunteer do?  Our volunteer opportunities are continuing to grow and are new, creative and adventurous.  Hundreds of volunteers have helped with our Annual Thanksgiving Dinner on Oahu.  Others have helped collect food, clothing and money through our Red Kettles.  Many have fun helping out at community events like Wet n Wild Hawaii, or with face painting, petting zoos, and Target Back-To-School Shopping Spree.

So we invite you to join us in reaching our communities and helping change lives through volunteering your time, skills, and efforts in various ways.

Who knows what will be next?

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