Volunteer Spotlight: Mal Chan

“It’s an honor to serve others in my community,” said Salvation Army volunteer Mal Chan. Kauai-born Mal, 83, visits The Salvation Army Divisional Headquarters in Manoa each week. She helps out with inputting data, preparing for events, and even sending Thank You letters to supporters throughout the community.

“I’ve always been active. After working in the travel industry for many years, I retired and realized that I didn’t like to stay home. I wanted to do something, so I looked for ways to volunteer and ended up at The Salvation Army,” said Mal.

Mal admits she thought The Salvation Army’s role in the community was to collect money through red kettles and serve underprivileged families, but her perception changed once she started getting involved. “I realized that there are so many programs that help all kinds of people in Hawaii. From babies all the way to seniors, there are so many programs that educate and rehabilitate. I love contributing to it,” said Mal.

“Volunteering gives you purpose and comes from the heart, it’s my favorite way of giving back,” she said. Mal also likes that she can help people by just donating a few hours of her day to The Salvation Army and other nonprofits in Honolulu.

The Salvation Army Hawaiian & Pacific Islands Division is blessed with thousands of volunteers that help change lives in our island communities. We’d like to say thank you to Mal and our many volunteers for their service!

For volunteer opportunities, click here.

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