UPDATE: Chuuk Corps receives container from Guam


Volunteers in Guam help to load the 20-foot container provided by Matson.

The Salvation Army Chuuk Corps received a 20-foot container from Guam on Friday, May 1. Thanks to our community partners in Guam and Hawaii, our Guam Corps Officers, Captains Michael and Kelley Lutcher, were able to send much needed supplies to those affected by Typhoon Maysak last month. Our Chuuk Corps Officers, Majors Jaime and Lilia Macayana will distribute the food and water to families in need and help the community rebuild their homes with the building materials provided.

We’d like to thank Home Depot, Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort, Bayview Guam Hotel, TropicWear, our volunteers at Pacific Islands University and Anderson Air Force Base.


Home Depot provided $1,500 worth of emergency disaster relief supplies and donating a $500 pallet of water.

First aid kits, building materials, tarp, extension cords, etc. are all items that the families need to rebuild their homes.

Donation 1

The Sheraton Laguna Guam Resort provided clothing bedding, canned food, and 55 cases of water.


The Bayview Hotel Guam provided 14 boxes of clothing, bedding, and canned food.


Tropic Wear provided 15 boxes of clothing.

For our donors in Hawaii, Mahalo for your generous monetary donations, which have helped us purchase more supplies in Guam and finance the shipping of the container to Chuuk.

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