The Salvation Army’s 45th Annual Thanksgiving Wrap Up

“Do you feel the energy in this place?” asked 24-year-old Malama Miller. The atmosphere behind the scenes of The Salvation Army’s 45th Annual Thanksgiving Dinner at the Neal S. Blaisdell Exhibition Hall is nothing but calm. Sure the dinner assembly line runs like a smooth, well-oiled machine, cranking out more than 2,000 meals each year. But the atmosphere behind the rows of festive tables, it’s more like a heartfelt rush to make sure that anyone hungry or lonely is met with a hot meal, friendly conversation, or even a prayer.

“I like the excitement and doing good during the holidays,” said Miller, “My family and I volunteer every year. We do it because we want to give others who don’t have what we have at home, which are hot meals and each others’ company.”

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