Robert Louis Stevenson’s Grass Hut

Have you ever visited the Robert Louis Stevenson Hut, located next to our Wai’oli Tea Room? If not, here’s a little bit of history about the famous author’s grass hut:

The hut used to stand at Ainahau, the Waikiki home of Princess Kai’ulani. When Stevenson visited Waikiki, Princess Kai’ulani befriended him and spent time together in the grass hut. After Princess Kai’ulani’s death, James Bergstrom purchased the lot where the hut stood and offered he would give the hut to someone who would haul it away and preserve it. The Salvation Army then took a truck and brought the hut to Manoa, where it still stands today.

If you have a chance, stop by our Tea Room and visit the hut to see a little bit of Hawaii’s history!

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