New Year’s resolutions from our ADHS program

We politely interrupted a few of the seniors at our Adult Day Health Services (ADHS) during their exercise activity to ask them (and their nurses) what their resolutions or hopes would be for 2017. Here is what they shared:


Wai Hin has been coming to ADHS for six years. She enjoys the fun activities and camaraderie among the nurses and fellow participants. “I’m blessed to be here. Marjorie is one of my favorite nurses because she makes me laugh all the time,” she said. Marjorie responded, “Wai Hin, YOU are the one that makes me laugh and you’re the reason why my job is so enjoyable. 2017 is going to be filled with more laughter!”

Wai Hin and her fellow participants, Nancy and Tomiko, enjoy the ADHS program, especially the exercise activities, cooking tutorials, musical performances by volunteer musicians or local churches, and keiki that visit and do arts and crafts. “Our program involves the entire community and our participants enjoy that,” said Stacy Honma, Administrator at ADHS. “We are blessed to serve these vibrant and fun-loving seniors every day and we look forward to continuing that next year.”









The Salvation Army Adult Day Health Services (ADHS) program currently serves up to 60 kūpuna in the Honolulu community. ADHS nurses and staff provide meals, therapy, and activities to improve the quality of life for participants. To learn more about our ADHS program, visit

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