FSO conducts homeless outreach

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Today The Salvation Army Family Services Office (FSO) homeless outreach team handed out bottled water and food to families and individuals in need. Our team doesn’t see their work as a hand down, but a hand up. They’re providing prayer and information to ensure these individuals are aware of resources that can provide them employment opportunities or access to housing through other agencies.
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“These people are people,” one woman who lives on River Street said. “Some of us don’t have a contingency plan and we end up here. I’m still attending Leeward Community College and when I graduate, I’ll find a job and get off the streets. I’m making it work with what I have right now and any information or help is appreciated.”
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Learn more on how we plan to address the homeless issue by registering for The Salvation Army CEO Sleepout at CEOSLEEPOUTHAWAII.org. All proceeds raised will benefit our Family Services across Hawaii.
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For more information on our Family Services, visit fso.salvationarmy.org.

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