Clear vision for those on their way to sobriety

Gerald, John Lee, Jr., Jaime and Richard are all clients at The Salvation Army Rehabilitation Center. 

It has been ten years since 52-year-old John Lee, Jr. had an eye exam. It was never really one of his priorities. Today LensCrafters provided free eye exams and glasses for Lee and his friends at The Salvation Army (TSA) Adult Rehabilitation Center (ARC) in addition to other TSA programs such as the TSA Adult Treatment Services and the TSA Family Treatment Services. It is a charitable program, called OneSight, that provides vision care through LensCrafters for those who cannot afford it.


Jaime and Lee pick new frames. 

For Lee, getting new glasses is a privilege. “We’re pretty lucky, yeah,” he tells one of his friends from ARC, “we get to pick what we want and it’s free.” Lee is four months into Phase 1 of the rehabilitation program. He struggles with an addiction to crystal meth and says his family left him.  His wife and 10-year-old daughter now live in Oregon, where he keeps in touch with them through Facebook.  “I have a plan, “ Lee says as he scans the bins full of frame samples, “once I graduate from the second phase of the program, I will go back to school, find a job and see my daughter after she graduates from high school.”

For Lee and his friends, Gerald, Richard and Jaime, receiving an eye exam and getting new glasses is all part of the rehabilitation process. They’re learning how to live healthy, take care of themselves and move onto better things. “Having an eye exam every year is so important because it can detect so many different things about your health, there are things that could be going on internally that you would never know unless you got an eye exam,” said LensCrafters Pearlridge General Manager, Holly Finley. “Today we are helping 61 people…through our One Sight program, we feel it’s important to make sure that vision care is taken care of for everyone.”

Mahalo to LensCrafters’ OneSight program for providing our clients with eye exams and glasses!

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