A single mother’s fight for love

Chastity - Valentine's MemeA soccer mom who lost her way scores the biggest goal of her life for the love of her children.

A few years ago, Chasity was a mom of five that did it all. Living in Kaua‘i, she worked full time, took a full load of classes at the community college, spread herself thin between her children’s soccer practices and shuttling them to after school activities.“I was doing it all as a single mother. It was so overwhelming that I started making bad decisions. I knew some friends that did ice and once I tried it, I was hooked. Next thing I know, I was addicted,” she said.

Not too long after she became addicted, she became pregnant.“I remember giving birth in the hospital. Child Protective Services (CPS) was there to take my daughter Kirie, just a few days later, they took my newborn, Nevaeh,” Chasity recalls.“It was at that point when they were taken from me that I realized I chose ice over my own kids. I had to change.”

Chasity’s next move was to get help. She found The Salvation Army Family Treatment Services (FTS) online and booked her ticket to O‘ahu. Her four oldest children moved in with their dad and grandparents while she sought treatment. After just two months of treatment, The Salvation Army reunited Chasity with Kirie; arrangements were made so that Chasity could visit Nevaeh in Kaua‘i for four hours every other week.“I had to bond with my baby. She was a child of the State and I wasn’t going to let her forget who her mother was,” said Chasity.

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 4.14.20 PM"Being away from Nevaeh hurt more than anything. I needed her to know who I was," said Chasity.

On January 20, 2016, Chasity, now a graduate of FTS, and Kirie boarded a plane back to Kaua‘i to be reunited with Nevaeh. CPS arrived with a sleeping Nevaeh in tow,“I ran to the car, opened the door, and said ‘Nevaeh, mommy’s here!’ She reached out to me and it was the most touching experience. I fought for 17 months to become a good mother, a better person for my kids. I felt so proud of myself.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 4.13.54 PM"The Salvation Army reunited me with Kirie after two months of treatment. Seeing her at the baggage claim, running towards me was such an emotional moment. I knew I was on the right path to get my life together," said Chasity.

“I had to fight. I fought with everything I had to be with my baby,” said Chasity.“You wouldn’t believe the challenges I faced, the barriers, thoughts that I had saying that I couldn’t get better. But a mother’s love is so strong, it pushes you to show up, be there for your babies, and make better choices.”

Screen Shot 2016-01-29 at 4.14.46 PMThe Salvation Army Pathway of Hope case manager, Cameo McQuade, works with Chasity to keep her accountable, connect her to resources she is eligible for, and finds ways to get her involved in the community.

Chasity is now a client at The Salvation Army Pathway of Hope, where she is receiving resources for affordable child care, secured a job at Jamba Juice Hawaii, and is working her way to providing for her children.“My heart is so full of love. is Valentine’s Day, I’ll be taking Kirie and Nevaeh to the zoo with some of our church friends from The Salvation Army.”

Mahalo to our friends at Central Pacific Bank for their donation of annual zoo passes for our clients and graduates of our FTS program.


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  1. I am so proud of Chastity she’s come a long way I believe in her, her heart was always there , deep down inside I know that she would find herself. She alwaysed loved her kids she just needed to find herself and love herself like we love her we all have to accept that we are not perfect we all make mistakes we are human no one can judge us but the Lord I’ll pray for you all who judges love you Chastity

  2. I would like to thank my mother in-law Tracy Fu for standing by my side in court and supporting me threw my journey!! I love you.. Also I would like thank my aunty Wendy Chang who never gave up on me, she was the backbone off our family!!! Especially her sister barbie who is watching over me, I love you & miss you!!! Once again Thank you all again for all the love & support !!! God bless….

    If I let go and let GOD
    He will turn my TEST into a TESTiMONY
    And my MESS into a MESSAGE
    That could help someone who is also suffering in their addiction!!!
    Mahalo Me Akua !!!

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