A Message from Our Divisional Leaders

Week 7: Mar. 2-6

Chamness' Tanzania 2

Aloha Salvation Army ‘Ohana,

Over the past week-and-a-half, Lani and I had the opportunity to go to Tanzania in Africa and visit with our dear friends, Colonels Ted and Debbie Horwood. We thank you for your prayers for travel safety and health. During our week, we were blessed to see their amazing ministry and welcomed new Cadets and shared in their “Messengers of Light” session. The word of God is certainly living and active throughout the world, especially in the language of Kiswahili in Tanzania!

Did you know that The Salvation Army is in 126 Countries around the world? Being in Tanzania reminded us that the work of The Salvation Army is vast and meets the endemic needs and specific crises worldwide. The Salvation Army is there to provide compassion. We are a ministry for the aching heart and weary soul. No matter where we are in the world, we are one army, one mission, and one message.

Reflecting on our time in Tanzania is also a reminder of the seeds that must be sown here and work that needs to be done locally. From March 6 to 8, we’ll be holding our SAY (Salvation Army Youth) Summit at Camp Homelani. Countless lives are changed each year at our Youth Camps and this will be an opportunity for our leaders to develop a culture that equips and encourages young people to become lifelong followers of Jesus Christ.

We also are looking forward to spending time with many of you at our Hawaii Business Conference at Camp Homelani. Our two-day conference will provide time for fellowship, learning, and an opportunity to grow in all business-related areas throughout our Division. Being good stewards of the resources that are provided to us is essential for the success and advancement of our work here in Hawaii and across the Pacific Islands.

We’re excited for a productive March and pray for God’s continued guidance and wisdom as we lead this Division.

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John and Lani Chamness

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